Gadgets Buffer declared its privacy policy by taking all kinds of actions into consideration to ensure the safety measures of users' data while accessing our website.

We want you to read the below-written privacy policy of Gadgets Buffer to understand how we are dealing with this process and the important decisions made by us.

After getting read, if you have any doubts or queries regarding our privacy policy kindly write an email to us directly (

Data We Collect From User 

First of all, the information that we are collecting from all the users is standard as there are no changes expected in that privacy policy. While entering Gadgets Buffer, we ask for the visitor’s browser type and IP address. In along with that, we collect some more information from your browser where a piece of details is stored automatically which we used to call “Cookies”.

In some cases, we use that data for official purposes without letting any third parties use it. By chance, if any of your personal information is leaked or misused by Gadgets Buffer that is completely against our terms and conditions.

In those situations, users are asked to put an email for us using (

Gadgets Buffer’s Email Policy

We, Gadgets Buffer never ask any customers or users to share their password or privacy info with us. Though we use your cookie data for several purposes, which will never be misused in case it is, considering that would be an offense and against the privacy policy of Gadgets Buffer

In addition, we won’t send any SPAM emails to our users as we couldn't encourage it too. In case, if you are receiving such kind of emails, kindly let us know without any delay. You also have full right to unsubscribe the emails from Gadgets Buffer that we commonly used to send by writing an email for us (

Policy About Contact/Personal Data

Without your permission, if your personal data or contact information has been used it is a legal matter. You also have a permit to withdraw your email id or any personal info from Gadgets Buffer to stay away from promotional activities.

Policies Related To Third-Party Advertising

This is essential to inform you that the advertisements displayed on Gadgets Buffer are posted by third-party advertisers for covering the attention of users. It allows them to capture your IP address automatically with the usage of advanced technologies.

This is because of making the advertisements even responsive and attractive and none other than that. They don't have any access to your personal information, so no more hassles are involved in it.

Terms Of Use, Revisions & Notices

The users can access Gadgets Buffer and by chance, any dispute arises which includes arbitrations and choice of law. Meanwhile, we will change the privacy policy anytime in accordance with the situation as we advise the visitors to check it out frequently for moving with us. For every new change, the users will get notified by email without delay.

Copyrights and Trademarks

All the content, graphics, images, design, user interface, and format are completely preserved with copyright law as it is legally used only for the purpose of Gadgets Buffer and none other than any offline use is legal. The materials inside the site shouldn't be used or modified. In case, if any better suggestions are available, kindly let us know by writing an email ( directly to us.