Dyanora DY-LD24H1N 24 inch (60 cm) LED HD-Ready TV Price & Specifications

Editorial Desk March 31, 2024 & 18:45 [IST]
Dyanora DY-LD24H1N 24 inch (60 cm) LED HD-Ready TV Price & Specifications

When it comes to choosing a television for your home, size and picture quality are two important factors to consider. The Dyanora DY-LD24H1N 24 inch (60 cm) LED HD-Ready TV is a great option for those looking for a compact yet high-quality television.

Picture Quality

The Dyanora DY-LD24H1N features LED technology, which delivers crisp and clear images with vibrant colors. The HD-Ready resolution ensures that you can enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows in high definition. Whether you're watching sports, playing video games, or streaming content, the picture quality on this TV is sure to impress.

Size and Design

With a 24-inch screen size, the Dyanora DY-LD24H1N is perfect for smaller rooms or spaces where a larger TV may not fit. The slim design and sleek black finish make it a stylish addition to any room. Plus, the lightweight construction makes it easy to move around or mount on the wall.

Connectivity Options

Despite its compact size, the Dyanora DY-LD24H1N offers a range of connectivity options. With HDMI, USB, and VGA ports, you can easily connect your gaming console, streaming device, or laptop to enjoy your favorite content on the big screen. The TV also features built-in speakers for immersive sound quality.

Energy Efficiency

One of the benefits of LED technology is its energy efficiency. The Dyanora DY-LD24H1N is designed to consume less power compared to traditional LCD TVs, helping you save on your electricity bills. With an energy-efficient TV like this, you can enjoy hours of entertainment without worrying about the impact on the environment.

Overall, the Dyanora DY-LD24H1N 24 inch (60 cm) LED HD-Ready TV is a great choice for those looking for a compact and high-quality television. With its impressive picture quality, sleek design, and range of connectivity options, this TV offers a great viewing experience for any room in your home.


  • The Dyanora DY-LD24H1N 24 inch LED HD-Ready TV offers a compact size, making it ideal for smaller spaces such as bedrooms or kitchens. The LED display provides crisp and clear visuals, ensuring an enjoyable viewing experience for users.
  • With HD-Ready resolution, this TV delivers sharp images and vibrant colors, enhancing the overall picture quality.
  • The TV is equipped with multiple connectivity options, including HDMI and USB ports, allowing users to easily connect external devices such as gaming consoles or streaming devices.
  • The energy-efficient LED technology helps to reduce power consumption, making it an environmentally friendly choice for consumers. The TV comes with a remote control for convenient and easy operation, giving users the flexibility to adjust settings from the comfort of their couch.
  • The sleek and modern design of the TV adds a touch of elegance to any room, complementing various decor styles.
  • The affordable price point of the Dyanora DY-LD24H1N makes it a budget-friendly option for consumers looking for a quality TV without breaking the bank.


  • The 24-inch screen size may be too small for some users who prefer a larger viewing area for a more immersive experience.
  • While the HD-Ready resolution provides decent picture quality, it may not be as sharp or detailed as Full HD or 4K displays.
  • The sound quality of the TV may be lacking compared to higher-end models, requiring users to invest in external speakers for a better audio experience.
  • The limited number of connectivity ports may be a drawback for users with multiple devices they wish to connect to the TV simultaneously.
  • The viewing angles of the LED display may be limited, resulting in color distortion or loss of picture quality when viewed from certain angles.
  • The TV may not have smart features such as built-in Wi-Fi or streaming apps, requiring users to purchase additional devices for online content access.
  • The build quality of the TV may not be as durable or sturdy as more premium brands, potentially leading to a shorter lifespan.
  • The warranty and customer support options for the Dyanora DY-LD24H1N may be limited compared to larger, more established brands in the market.